Medical was born at the beginning of 2000 and today I would like to define it as a great reality.

However, the history of this company starts many years ago, in 1980, when a local wholesaler commissioned me to deliver products to pharmacies around Pistoia with my little van.

This is how I started my long journey in this field, starting from zero.

From that moment onward, follows decades of apprenticeship in addition of personal and professional growth.

Working for a long time within an important company, I had the luxury to meet great people who believed in me and who, on a personal and professional level, contributed to mould my professional career.

I carried on working as representative agent for many years, until when I decided to risk it all.

I always felt I had the necessity to be stimulated and to give myself new goals. With all my passion and dedication, I decided to put in practice all the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years.

I believe it is with passion that you can always give the best, in everything of course, but most importantly in your job.

This was the reason why in 2004 I took the entire company share.

With a great friend of mine who happened to be a chemist, we started to work promptly to create our first product directed to infants, taking care of every aspect: quality, composition and marketing strategies. This was the beginning of JellyMed, the first food supplement of our branded product line, which has been growing with the years.

While creating new products, with Medical began what today is our prime activity: the trade of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products.

From 2009 Lorenzo, my older son, decided to follow me in this journey.

His arrival has helped the company to grow even more. Together we decided to expand the company and to invest in its growth.

While the organization was growing Andrea, my second son, arrived on the scene and took part in the project.

The real evolution happened in 2012 when we finally obtained the authorization to trade pharmaceutical product.

This authorization permitted us to differentiate and highlight Medical’s commercial offer, which helped us to increase exponentially the sale figures throughout the following years.

The research on the European and Asiatic market, gave us the lead to better structure the company at all levels, and in 2013, we managed to enter the new markets with a solid strategy.


Every company, small or large, is made up of people. It’s always the people who make the difference. Today our team consists of experienced managers who lead a group of young and passionate people with a strong work ethic.

We put our clients first, with a relentless focus on delivering a service that excels. We work alongside our clients every step of the way.

We are a big family and we all have the same common goal: We want Medical to grow on solid foundations.

Maurizio Pasquetti