Geliven D

Helps in the venous-lymphatic insufficiency

Melilotus officinalis L. tit. 17/20% in Coumarin with lymphatic drainage action and 300 mg of natural extraction of Diosmin, in anti-edema and anti-inflammatory action as well as reinforcement and protection of vessels.

Mechanism of Action

Coumarin contained in Meliloto increases the proteolytic activity of macrophages, decreasing the number of macro proteins involved in the pathogenic mechanism of lymphoedema.

The Diosmin is a flavonoid of natural origin, classified among vasoprotective drugs. Its mechanism of action is based primarily on:

  1. Reinforcement and protection of the microcirculation via inhibitory activity of hyaluronidase, capillary vasoconstriction in potentiating action of adrenaline and ascorbic acid, and decreased vascular permeability.
  2. Antiedema action, mainly due to the decrease in vascular permeability.
  3. Inhibition of pain symptoms through anti-inflammatory action due to inhibition of lipoxygenase synthesis.
  • Components

    Lymphaselect ™

  • Use

    Venous-lymphatic insufficiency

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