Prevention and treatment of mild or moderate skin allergies and respiratory

Standardised glycerine macerate of shoots of Ribes nigrum L.


  • Antiphlogistic
    Stimulates the adrenal cortex in a direct way with the consequent increase of the production of adrenal steroids with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action.
  • Capillary-protective
    Fighting fragility and vascular hyperpermeability at microcirculation level.
  • Combats free radicals
    Prevents degradation linked to the reactivity of the free radicals at the level of the phospholipids of the cell membrane. It inhibits the activity of free radicals generated chemically and the enzimaxantina oxidase.


ADULTS 1 large scoop 2 times a day
CHILDREN 1 small scoop 2 times a day

alcohol content of less than 4% free of side effects.

  • Components

    Ribes nigrum L.

  • Use

    skin allergies
    respiratory allergies

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